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Why Argodent

“Argodent” dental clinic was founded in 2003. Since the day of its foundation, the clinic has brought together a team of skilled and highly qualified specialists working together under one roof. Despite their extended experience, our specialists constantly improve and deepen their knowledge and skills, attend various courses, trainings and conferences. The health of our visitors is an absolute value for our specialists and each step of our staff is aimed at finding the best solution to the dental problems of our visitors.

Our specialists treat each visitor individually based on their gender, age and neuropsychological characteristics. Before starting the treatment process, our specialists thoroughly examine the existing problems, find the cause, and only after that choose the best option to achieve the desired result. Our specialists use only high-quality materials and the latest technologies in the workplace. Thanks to the latest methods and the professionalism of our team, our visitors leave the clinic with bright smiles and gratitude. “Argodent” will give you a prefect smile and you will give smiles to the world…

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